Thursday, June 7, 2012

Album Review: Patti Smith - BANGA

This is where I will write my review of Patti Smith's new album BANGA, which was released this week. Come back soon to read all about my thoughts on her wonderful new masterpiece.

She never really goes away, but when she gifts us with what she has found after going into the depths of the souls of cities and history and books and music where she explores the human heart, she brings back such gems melded by the fire of her own heart. This album is so full of the sweet voice of her youth intermingled with the wisdom of her age. It's a prayer, it's a tale, it's a calling for us all to rest in her arms while she lullabies us to dream of the places we want to go to find our own inner pathways to peace and victory. It's a must listen for old fans, but it's a great intro for the youth who have not listened to her yet. Don't waste another day not hearing this one!

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